Products / Cosmetic - Detergent
Business Name Chemical Name Description TDS MSDS
ELTESOL SCS 40 SODIUM CUMENE SULPHONATE 40% (SCS) Solubilizer, coupling agent
ELTESOL SCS93 SODIUM CUMENE SULPHONATE 93% (SCS) Solubilizer, coupling agent
ELTESOL SXS 40 SODIUM XYLENE SULPHONATE 40% (SXS) Solubilizer, coupling agent
EMPILAN KM 11 CETEARETH 11 It used as an emulsifier and fragrance solubilizer in hair and hand creams as well as in water-in-oil emulsions.
EMPILAN KM 25 CETERATH 25 As a emulsifier in cosmetic products.
EMULGIN L C12-13 PARETH 9 High performence emulsifier used in cosmetic products
POLYSORB 20 POLYSORBATE 20 Emulsifier used in water-in-oil emulsions in creams, lotions and shampoos
ROCKACET R40 PEG 40 HIDROGENATED CASTOR OIL Perfume emulsifier for hair gels, general cleaning products and shampoos