Products / Commodity Chemicals
Business Name Chemical Name Description TDS MSDS
ACETIC ACID Acetic Acid %100-%80 In Vinyl Acetate production, as a coagulant in natural rubber production and in vinegar production for food sector. Overall, as an acidulant in textile, leather, food, costemics and pharma sector.
ACRYLIC ACID Acrylic Acid Acrylic acid and its esters readily combine with themselves or other monomers by reacting at their double bond, forming homopolymers or copolymers which are used in the manufacture of various plastics, coatings, adhesives, elastomers, as well as floor polishes, and paints
ADIPIC ACID Adipic Acid As a monumer for the production of nylon. As a flavorant and gelling aid in food ingredients sector.
BORIC ACID Boric Acid In production of heat-resistant glass, to glaze ceramics and as deoxidizer and degasifier in metallurgy and wood preservative. In cosmetics-pharma sector, as a pH buffer and an antiseptic agent and emulsifier, it's used in mouth-washes, eye drops, creams and shampoos.
CITRIC ACID Citric Acid (Mono / Any) Used in detergents and cleaners as a chelate and rust remover; in food and beverages as flavor enhancer and preservative. It’s also used in pharmaceutical industry
FORMIC ACID Formic Acid % 85 It is used for decalcifier; reducer in dyeing for wool fast colours; dehairing and plumping hides; tanning; electroplating; coagulating rubber latex; silage and grain preservation; aidditive in regenerating old rubber; solvents of perfume; lacquers;  alkylating agent for alcohols; carboxylating agent for tertiary compounds.
HYDROCHLORIC ACID Hydrochloric Acid It’s used in pickling of steel, production of in/organic compounds and regeneration of ion exchange resins. In food and medicine sector as well as in drinking water and swimming pool treatment, it’s used to control and neutralize pH.
HYDROFLUORIC ACID Hydrofluoric Acid It’ used as the catalyst of refinery alkylation and as etching, cleaning, and frosting agent in the manufacture of glass. Additionally, it’s used in purification of aluminium and uranium, as rust remover in laundry products
NITRIC ACID Nitric Acid Used in production of explosives, fertilizers,dyes, perfumes , drugs and in etching of metals. Used to prepare ‘Aqua Regia’ to dissolve the noble elements and in the purification of silver, gold, platinum etc.
OXALIC ACID Oxalic Acid Used as a purifier in the pharmaceutical industry, as rust-remover in household cleaners, as a bleaching agent in textile production and woodwork , as a grinding agent for polishing marble and in the treatment of wastewater to remove calcium from water as well as a reducing agent for photography
PHOSPHORIC ACID Phosphoric Acid % 85 It is a chemical intermediate or reagent in the production of numerous phosphate fertilizers, agricultural feeds, waxes, polishes, soaps, and detergents. It is added to foods as a preservative, acidifying agent, flavor enhancer, and clarifying agent. Phosphoric acid is also used in processes such as the coagulation of rubber latex, electropolishing, soil stabilization, and as a catalyst in the production of propylene and butene polymers, ethylbenzene, and cumene.
STEARIC ACID Stearic Acid 18.43/18.66 Used in making candles, plastics, dietary supplements, oil pastels and as emulsifier cosmetics and hair products as well as for softening rubber.[3] It is used to harden soaps, particularly those made with vegetable oil. Used in aerosol shaving cream products and as lubricants in various industrial applications
SULFAMIC ACID Sulfamic Acid Used in the synthesis of sweet-tasting compounds and as an acidic cleaning agents for metals and ceramics. Also used as herbicide, as a chloride stabilizer in pulp and paper industry, as a ingredient in Denture Tablets as well as in dye and pigment manufacturing
SULFURIC ACID Sulfuric Acid Sodium Hydroxide, liquid as well as pellets. As a strong chemical base, it’s used in the manufacture of pulp and paper, textiles, drinking water, soaps and detergents and as a drain cleaner.